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Emerald Lagoon

Our most popular and required trek. It is a low difficulty trail that can present different challenges depending on the time of year. During the winter we will find a path and a lagoon completely frozen. Crampons are used for greater safety.

During the summer the path presents other difficulties such as mud, exposed roots and rocks.

Previous experience is not necessary but good mobility and appropriate physical condition are recommended.

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Albino Eye Glacier

This highly difficult route shares its initial part with the Emerald Lagoon path. During the first 2 hours of walking we will cross forests and peat and reach the limit of vegetation.

At this point the most technical part of the trek begins, where, assisted by the guide, we will begin an ascent of almost 500 meters to the Ojo del Abino Glacier.

Previous experience and excellent physical condition are required.

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Martial Glacier

This trail located a few minutes from the center at the base of the traditional Martial ski center presents a challenging slope.

The views of the Beagle Channel and the city of Ushuaia accompany us throughout the journey.

Although no previous experience is required, good physical condition is necessary to face the climb and enjoy the activity.

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Vinciguerra Glacier

This beautiful trail that takes us to the bowels of the Glacier has a medium difficulty that can become high depending on the soil and weather conditions.

There is an ascent of about 600 meters and the last part of the trek is done in high mountain areas with strong winds and without the protection of the forest.

Previous experience in similar activities and very good physical condition is recommended.

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Walking in nature is a journey to inner peace, where stress fades with each step, and serenity lies on the horizon.

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Wandering through nature is like reading the pages of an endless book filled with priceless lessons.

star rating  El Primer Trekking de mi vida, exigente, desafiante y alcanzable. - La parte favorita de la experiencia fue llegar a almorzar adentro del glaciar, fue lo más sencillo pero super copado, no solo llegar al glaciar, verlo por fuera y por... read more

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June 21, 2022

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Every step in the mountains is a chapter in our story of adventure and overcoming.

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