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Emerald Lagoon

MODERATE HIKE FOR PEOPLE WITHOUT PREVIOUS HIKING EXPERIENCE BUT WITH A GOOD FITNESS LEVEL. We get to the starting point by following national route 3 for about 17 kilometers; we begin the hike at the trail’s parking lot, which quickly takes us deep into the forest.


12 HOURS / 20KM / HIGH
Ojo del Albino Glacier

HIGH-DIFFICULTY HIKE FOR PEOPLE WITH HIKING EXPERIENCE AND AN EXCELLENT FITNESS LEVEL. We start our journey at the center and travel east along national road 3 for 20 kilometers; we hike for two hours through forests, peat bogs, beaver dams, mountains, and glaciers.

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Walking in nature is a journey to inner peace, where stress fades with each step, and serenity lies on the horizon.

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A family-owned company dedicated to providing trekking services. Operating since 2016, we add positive and satisfying experiences every day.

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Wandering through nature is like reading the pages of an endless book filled with priceless lessons.

star rating  Impactante! De lo mejor de ushuaia! - Increíble experiencia. Nosotros lo hicimos en invierno (con Arpon) lo cual lo hizo un desafío interesante. Los guías fueron absolutamente cálidos y supieron transmitir la confianza que requiere un trekking... read more

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July 9, 2022

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Every step in the mountains is a chapter in our story of adventure and overcoming.

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